How the elephant got a long trunk ...!

Once there was a time elephants had two noses. 

There was a shepherd boy who all-ways carrying two horns and walking through the jungle behind his cattle. One day, the boy was chased by an elephant, so he dropped his horns behind the forest and ran away. 

The elephant found the horns and blew one. 

He blew it again and again. Once he tried to blow both at once with his nose.  

Well, he did it, but upside-down or rather front side-back. Well at any cot he did it the wrong way and it got stuck with the sharp end sticking out. 

He got a new nose somehow but it was a bit too long. 

But he still loved horns and got one somehow. Again he blew it with his nose and this time got stuck inside fully. And that is why to this day elephants have tusks and sound like a horn. 

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